Walking & Hiking

Sunart is probably the most accessible of the wild and undeveloped places in Britain and is a perfect location to explore our wild, ever changing landscape. Wander through fragrant Scots pine and ancient forest habitats, a perfect place to lose yourself and find tranquillity. Explore the many walks in the area which lead you into a landscape which is often scattered with ancient remains and ruins, melancholy symbols of our fascinating past.

Part of the charm of Scotland’s West Coast is the constantly changing weather systems so come prepared for sun as well as atmospheric rainy weather conditions, dramatic scenes of mist surrounding the mountains and low-lying light.

Here are some websites which contain a range walks in our local area for you to consider:



Further afield and less than an hour’s drive from Strontian, is Scotland’s most famous and most scenic glen. Glencoe is also Scotland’s most historic glen. You may wish to climb (or just admire) one of the eight Munro mountains that tower above the Glen.

Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain is under a one-hour drive from Strontian and is arguably the most popular mountain for walking and climbing in the UK. Glen Nevis, at the foot of Ben Nevis, offers a wide range of beautiful walks where you can meander along the riverbank of the River Nevis or explore the adjacent woodlands. Further up Glen Nevis is what is locally known as the ‘lower falls’ which is a spectular waterfall, particularly after a few days of heavy rain. Along the way you might spot some of highland cattle roaming in the glen!